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The Mitsubishi Raider is a car built on the Dodge Dakota base. This design was the result of a DaimlerChrysler and Mitsubishi joint-venture that became a way before the Raider went into production. The Mitsubishi Raider does have a limited lineup that can be compared to the Dodge Dakota. The Extended Cab with a 6-foot, 4-inch cargo bed comes only in 4×2, while the Double Cab with a 5-foot, 3-inch bed is available in 4×2 and 4×4 configurations. Raider doesn’t get the Dodge’s 4.7-liter V-8 litre powerful engine, and there’s only single trim level.
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Mitsubishi moved away from its base concept of an angry street fighter when it brought the Raider to production. The Raider still features its distinctive marks, which with you can separate it from the Dakota, as well as many other trucks in the pickup trucks compact market. The Raider’s exterior look is improved with more curves and rounded corners than the Dodge Dakota. There are a fantastically designed flared wheel arches and a thick lower bumper.
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The Raider is mounted with three basic trim levels since it was introduced in 2006 on a Pick-Up car-show.The new features like the off road version Duracross and upscale SE trims were launched for the 2008 year model. With even more than one hundred cubic feet of interior space, Mitsubishi includes a generous 36.4 inches of rear leg room- that means very comfortable driving even for the tallest person. Mitsubishi Raider 2009 Double Cab models provides high comfort and much space for up to six people. The Extended Cab model has got the seating for three in front and two in the rear. It features 32.1 inches of rear leg room. All the models have a 40/20/40 cloth bench front seat. Air conditioning comes in standard, there is also stereo with four speakers in standard and Power windows optional on Extended Cab, standard on Double Cab.
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The Mitsubishi Raider 2009 3.7-liter single overhead-cam (SOHC) V-6 engine is built on a cast iron block with aluminum cylinder heads and a sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection system (MPFI). This extremely durable V-6 unit develops chain-driven camshafts with a proven two valve/cylinder configuration that produces strong low-end torque. The engine is very compact designed it’s packaging is easy accessible under. The lightweight composite intake manifold takes manually tuned short runners for optimized power across the operating range of the engine allows it.
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Max gross vehicle weight

6,010 pounds

Max payload capacity 1,730 pounds
Maximum towing capacity 4,150 pounds
Fuel tank capacity

22 gallons (SWB), 34 gallons (LWB)

Approach angle 21.9 degrees
Departure angle 22.6 degrees (4×2), 22.5 degrees (4×4)
Ramp breakover 19.9 degrees (4×2), 19.6 degrees (4×4)
Axle ratio 3.55:1 (4×2), 3.92:1 (4×4)

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