2009 Honda Ridgeline

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For 2009, Honda has improved things with a bit more power and adding some facelift, making this a worthwhile consideration for light-duty buyers. It’s more SUV than Pick-Up but for it’s original desing it deserve for showing it here. People interested in Honda’s pickup truck can choose between three well-equipped trims. The Ridgeline exists only as a four-wheel-drive crew cab model.The massive and polarizing style is still the Honda truck’s trademark, but it has been toughened a bit. Very muscular but aerodynamic front is nice. Front and rear bumpers add 0.2 inches to the overall length. Look at this new honda style with massive face, It’s fantastic!
Honda Ridgeline

and what a spectacular trunk:

2009 Honda Ridgeline
Regarding to the powertrain, the camshaft has been worked over to add more torque down low, the gear ratios have been revised to improve acceleration and the intake valves have been enlarged.
The Honda Ridgeline unit-body is constructed with an integrated boxed frame. It’s designed more like a car or crossover vehicle than the Pickup. The great advantage is that Honda has none of the rear-end bounce on a muddy, dirty road with holes. So the driver don’t need to worry about axle hop on bumpy corners.

The Engine

What about the engine? It’s aluminum 24-valve, 3.5-liter, VTEC V-6 pushing 250 horses at 5,700 rpm and 247 pounds-feet of torque at 4,300 rpm. Those figures are up from 2008’s 247 horsepower and 245 pounds-feet of torque. In comparison, the Nissan Frontier’s 4.0-liter V-6 boasts 261 ponies and 281 pounds-feet of twist; the Toyota Tacoma’s V-6 comes up short in horsepower but, more importantly, offers 266 pounds-feet of torque. That’s how it look from under the hood:
Honda Ridgeline 2009

Here’s the Specifications

Price: $37,000 (including a $670 destination charge)

Engine 3.5-liter V-6
Torque 247 pounds-feet at 4,300 rpm
Horsepower 250 at 5,700 rpm
Fuel Economy 15/20 mpg city/highway
Transmission Five-speed automatic
Payload Capacity 1,486 lb; 674 kg
Towing Capacity 5,000 lb; 2,267 kg
Ground Clearance 8.2 inches

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