2010 Dodge Ram 3500

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2010 Dodge Ram 3500


It was in 2009, the light-duty Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck got itself overhauled by Chrysler to make it more advantageous for the customers. 2010 is for Dodge Ram 3500, the heavy duty pickup truck perfectly suitable for the people looking for power and maximum utility. The overhauling is designed to be exhaustive. The heavy duty Dodge Ram 3500 will come out in 2010 as a brand new truck with new look in exteriors and interiors. Aerodynamically optimal exterior is going to save you much and give you much power. The front axle and suspension are other important components strengthened to cater the requirements of snowplow prep packages for winter work. Freeway hop is assured to be smooth with the new hydraulic body mounts under the cabin.


Dodge Ram 3500 in 2010 rolls out with a new four-door crew cab consisting of bigger back doors. It will also have more rear passenger space compared with the smaller four-door Quad Cab. Added to these, there will be a new 8-foot cargo box option and it makes the Dodge Ram heavy duty truck more impressive for fifth-wheel towing.


Dodge Ram will be powered by the 6.7-liter Cummins six-cylinder diesel and Hemi V-8 powertrains. Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickups have the same types of headlamps and fenders as in Dodge Ram 1500, but the grille is larger to maintain the engine cool while towing big trailers. The front bumper has an aggressive look.


Sculpted fenders stamped into the sides of the cargo box in Dodge Ram 3500 replaces the plastic snap-on rear fenders with dual rear wheels in earlier Ram HDs. The new fenders make the truck more appealing and look modern. 2010 Doge Ram 3500 comes in regular cab and Mega Cab models. Better towing is assured with the revised external rearview mirrors. The mirrors can be pivoted vertically or horizontally. Turn signals are now integrated in the cab.


Interior features require special mention. The new additions include integrated trailer brake controller, which can eliminate the need for a separate kit to control a trailer’s electric brakes to achieve improved towing control. Improved seating facilitates comfortable driving during the long distance travels. There are many optional features as well. These include navigation, power-adjustable pedals and Sirius Backseat TV with three channels of programming. Assessing the merits and utilities of Dodge Ram 3500 comes out in 2010, you will absolutely become happy. Maximum gross vehicle weight for 3500 DRW is 12,200 pounds (6.7-liter) and Maximum payload capacity for Regular cab 3500 DRW is 5,110 pounds.

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